Mowat-Wilson Clinical Survey Page
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The following information will be added to the Survey Results Page

1. Child's First Name

 2. Childs Date of Birth (m/d/y)

 3. Gender (M/F) - M F

 4. Clinical or Genetics Diagnosis - Clinical Genetic

 5. Does the child have Hirschsprung's  Yes No

 6. Does the child have any heart condition  Yes No

 7. Does the child have
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum  Yes No

Does the child have Pyloric Stenosis  Yes No

 9. Does the child have Hypospadias (males only)  Yes No

10. Does the child have any Kidney Disorders  Yes No

11. Does the child have seizures  Yes No

12. If the diagnosis is genetic what are the test results. (i.e. Exon 3: c.108delT (p.E37fsX74)

13.Any other conditions linked to MWS

14.Submitters Name               Required Field

15.Submitters Email Address             Required Field

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There is also an Behavior Survey for MWS.
You can participate in that survey by clicking here. Behavior Survey.

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