Asbestos Removal – When Is the Perfect Time for Asbestos Removal? 

Finding out that you have asbestos in your house or in your building can be a little bit stressful. This problem can worsen if you do not know anything about asbestos or if you cannot find help from any asbestos removal Kelowna professionals. There are many things you will be asking such as the dangers it poses, the risk of exposure to it, the right time to have it removed, and other important things you need to consider. But the most important thing is that you know that asbestos can cause different illnesses like lung cancer and mesothelioma and that it is highly dangerous.  

The Dangers of Asbestos 

This is an important fact you need to know: According to the International Commission of Occupational Health, asbestos-related diseases have killed thousands of Americans already, and are still killing innocent lives yearly. In 2016 alone, asbestos-related diseases killed almost 40,000 people in the United States.  

The risks are dependent on the degree and longevity of the exposure to the chemical. It is very important to make sure that you the people are quick to respond when upon knowing that they are exposed to asbestos. Besides medical attention, asbestos removal should be the next important and critical step that needs to be done.  

the following are the short-term asbestos exposure facts: 

  • Short and light exposure to asbestos rarely cause diseases 
  • Exposure to asbestos is cumulative. This means that short-term exposure can add up over time to you will end up having diseases still. 
  • All buildings have asbestos, but disasters can cause extreme asbestos-exposure events to happen.  

The Risk Factors for Asbestos-Related Diseases 

There are many factors that determine the possible diseases that asbestos can cause: 

  • The dose of the asbestos – when you are exposed to an air that is visibly cloudy with raw asbestos fibers, that is when you know that you are highly exposed to the chemical.  
  • Type of asbestos – there are different kinds of asbestos and it is known that the common type which is the white asbestos is dangerous but the other types can have more health risks.  
  • Duration of exposure – days can be tolerable but several months or years of exposure can be very dangerous and risky. 
  • Genetics – it was found out that not all people exposed to asbestos develop illnesses, and that genetic mutation plays a major role.  
  • Smoking history – when the person has been exposed to smoke in the past, it could pose more danger to him/her 

Asbestos Removal 

When you find out that your home is exposed to asbestos, you need to consider immediately removing the asbestos to ensure that no one gets exposed to its risks and dangers. Residential houses as well as buildings and offices can be exposed to asbestos. It is not ideal to wait for a season to finally have it removed because the earlier you remove it, the better. There is no “good time” to remove asbestos, so call your professional asbestos removal company that you trust to have it removed in a proper and safe way.