What You Need to Know About Staining A Deck 

Decks are some of the things you can add to your house to make your outdoor living space more comfortable and more convenient. And providing stains on your deck will make it more effective. Providing a deck stain is one of the effective ways to make the deck more durable and attractive. Your deck builder Kelowna knows that there are many factors that affect the overall quality of the deck you put on your house as well as the stain that you put on it. This includes the quality of the materials, the climate, usage, application, and other external factors. No matter how it is, deck stain, overall, improves the decks’ quality, durability, and appearance. If you are planning on putting on a deck’s stain or replacing an old one, here are the helpful tips you can do for effective and more efficient application.  

What to do during the preparation? 

  • When it comes to staining your deck, you need to first consider the deck itself. This involves the overall condition of the deck. For example, you cannot put a stain on rotten wood and expect the stain to mend the rot on the wood. There will always be issues on it, so it is better to address first the problems before you put some stains on your deck. The following are the things you need to consider:  
  • Looking for the damaged part of the wood and replacing it anew 
  • Looking for some popped up nails and hammer them back again 
  • Looking for warped and twisting deck boards that can be a potential cause of people tripping over.  

It is during the preparation that you need to be considering what kind of color you will be using for your deck. You also need to consider choosing between the two options on how to clean your deck before putting on the stains: using a power washer or scrubbing the deck by hand. 

What to Choose? 

When your deck is now prepared, you now need to choose for the stain itself. An exterior wood stain comes in two different kinds: solid finish and semi-transparent finish. Solid finish covers the wood entirely and will hide the grains of the wood while the semi-transparent stains are opaque and this provides staining color the wood but not solid enough to hide the wood’s grain’s natural beauty.  

How to apply the stain? 

The following are the effective tips on how to apply your stains: 

  • Whether you are using a brush, roller, or paint pad, you need to make sure you use long and smooth strokes 
  • Work in small sections one time and start your way outward.  
  • Do not put too much stains. You would know that you are putting too much when the stain pools.  
  • Before you add the second coat, make sure that the first coat has already dried up.  
  • You can use a clear sealing product on your stained deck to make sure that the stain will last more longer.  

When it comes to your deck, make sure you that it has everything it deserves, and one of which is to provide it stains and seal to make it more attractive and durable.